Kindt/Satermo Wedding

Well today was an amazing day as I got to capture the beginning of an extraordinary couples new life together. When I checked the weather forecast about 5 days ago it was supposed to rain today (the day of their wedding) I was bummed to see that but God had other plans for today.

I haven’t photographed many weddings, but I must say, I am very proud of how far my photography has come and I love the pictures.

Today I realized (again) how blessed I am to be doing what I am. My job isn’t just about snapping pictures, it’s more about taking a beautiful moment in life and displaying from the view of another, the way someone on the outside is seeing this moment.

Today I experienced a beautiful day. A day full of love and happiness. Love for my job and the love I could see in Felicity and Nick’s eyes. Felicity is a very special, loving, and kind woman and I am so glad that she chose me to be her photographer. Today she made me feel like I was more than just The Photographer.

Thank you Felicity and Congratulation to you and Nick, and may you two be blessed with a long life of Love and Happiness!

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