Birth Stories

What is a birth story? A birth story is a collection of moments captured from the time that your labor starts, until all those precious first moments of your baby’s life: their first appearance into this world, their first little cries, the first time you touch your baby, and all the other precious first interactions with your new found love. Every woman’s birth story is different-but they are all exciting, encouraging and infectious in each own’s unique way.

The moment of bringing new life into this world is one of the hardest yet amazing things that a woman may endure in her life. It is probably one of the most emotional times a woman may ever experience. For that single second that your new little baby makes their first appearance, time stands still…. Then, a huge wave of emotions take over, and before new parents know it, their baby is taken to be weighed, washed, and then you are home spending endless hours caring for your new baby and living on very little sleep. Before you know it, your baby is already a month old, and they continue growing and changing everyday. Looking back, life can seem like one BIG blur.

I am here to capture these first moments with your baby and all the magical and even painful or fearful moments a woman experiences leading up to the actual birth of their child. I try to keep myself unknown in the room so that you may relax and just be in the moment while I capture all the real and candid moments you are experiencing.

I capture both photographs and small video clips while at your birth, and combine them into a beautiful slide show to a unique song I do not use again with any other other birth.

Please enjoy some of my birth stories below and scroll down to read more about how it works to hire me as your on-call birth photographer.

How it Works


I become your on-call photographer for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your due date. I keep in close contact with you and have you send me updates on your pregnancy so that I can be  prepared for anything. As soon as you are in labor, you will let me know, and when you are 5-6 cm dilated I will head to the hospital.

As an on-call client, I give you the priority over my other non-birth sessions so that I can be there to capture your birth. As long as I am not in the middle of a session I am there when you need me, otherwise I will be there as soon as my session is over.

What I Capture:

  • moments with you and your partner
  • managing labor pains
  • waiting until push time
  • baby’s heart beat on the monitor
  • nurse and doctor interactions
  • pushing and resting in-between
  • mommy and daddy’s first reactions and first touch
  • skin to skin time
  • breast feeding (if wanted)
  • weighing and measuring baby
  • baby’s first bath (if done soon after birth)
  • and dressing, snuggling, and enjoying baby
  • I also capture family meeting baby if time allows
  • sometimes I come in the next day to capture a few more moments



Brecklen’s Birth Story