Birth Songs

Are you looking for a good list of birth songs to play with your photos of your birth? Or are you a birth photographer looking for more song suggestions?

I know I have searched long and hard to find songs to use during labor and song for my own birth video slideshows. It hasn’t been an easy task because I just don’t like any of the suggestions I’ve found. I tend to like more tranquil music, and songs that are super popular.  I have created a page with some suggestions for labor music and or your birth stories 🙂 I will add more as I find them, and please, feel free to comment if you have any suggestions of your own to add!


For Still Borns:

Ed Sheehan – “Small Bump”

For Rainbow Babies: (if you don’t know what a rainbow baby is, this is a baby that has graced the life of his/her parents after they lost their last baby. They are considered the Rainbow after the Storm)

Christina Perri – “A Thousand Years”


Regular Births:

Mindy Gledhill – “Anchor”

Ed Sheeran – “Kiss Me”

Ed Sheehan – “All of the Stars”

Cloud Cult – “Cause you were Born”

Creed –  “Arms Wide Open”

Les Enfants – “Holiday”

Holly Maher – “You are Mine”

Amy Stroup –  “It Just Takes a Little”

Karla Adolphe – “Mama Wing”