Elf On the Shelf

Day 3: Our little Elf friend must have been tired from last nights flight to Santa and back. We found him hanging out of our water dispenser on our fridge with a little medicine bottle cap full of water.

This time our little girl Allie decided to look for our Elf, and when she found him, her eyes lit up and she walked over to him and carefully took the cap of water so that she could examine it herself. Then she carefully put it back and asked for a bowl of cereal. LOL gotta love little kids! #elfonashelf


Day 2: Last night our little Elf friend must have gotten into our chocolate chips because he had to come number 2, and guess what came out!

Our little girl didn’t want to wake up this morning and it was hard getting her going once she did, so she wasn’t too impressed with what Timmy had done the night before!


Day 1: Last night we had a very special present come in the mail! It was our very own Elf on the Shelf, straight from Santa. Our 2 year old was excited for a little bit, and our 1 year old threw him on the floor 🙁 But after he played last night, the kids had their first surprise from him this morning.

He decided he wanted to practice being Santa Clause. He wrapped a bunch of toys up in my son’s red shirt, to look like Santa’s bag, and stuffed it in our decorative sleigh and lined up a few stuffed animals, to be the reindeer.

When our little girl woke up this morning I asked her to go find Timmy, which is the name we picked out for our little Elf-Scout-Friend.

She was kinda surprised to see him up in that sleigh, but I think because of her age, she still doesn’t quite get it. I do believe after a few more nights of his little tricks though, she will start too 🙂

Thanks for reading our little story of the day.

Until Tomorrow!

The Braaten Family