General Agreement

Please take a moment to read through these important guidelines and terms. This agreement was made in order to protect the photographer as well as the client.


This agreement is between Kirsten LaBoyd (photographer) and the signer (client). This agreement assures the client understands all terms of the photographer, and insures that both the photographer and the client(s) will be at the scheduled shoot on the Date and Time chosen.

Cost and Retainer Fee

The client understands their costs due and agrees. Once the retainer fee of $75 is received the schedule shoot Date and Time chosen will be reserved. There shall be no refund of the retainer fee once paid due to the high probability that the photographer cannot further book that Date. The remaining balance of the session is due before or on the date of the session before any photographing is to be fulfilled.


In the event that the client must cancel due to an unforeseen event such as an accident or illness the shoot may be rescheduled but the photographer must have a 72 hour notice and it is up to the photographer to decide if the reason is legitimate. In this event the client will forfeit $50 from their retainer fee as the photographer may have had to turn another client down when this session was booked.

In the event that the photographer must cancel, the shoot will be reschedule and the photographer will do their best to reschedule at a Date and Time convenient for the client. It will not be likely that the photographer will cancel, although the photographer cannot be responsible for weather, illness, or other unforeseen events that will not allow the photographer to make it to shoot a session. Unless the photographer is unable to reschedule as the shoot was for something of a time sensitive manner, all money will be refunded. Otherwise, it is assumed that the client will be willing to reschedule before asking for a refund.

If the client is able to give a 14 day notice of cancelation and reschedule the $75 retainer fee may not be forfeited unless the session was for a Wedding or Birth.

Failure to Perform

The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication for the best experience and results within this assignment. Due to limited and subjective nature of the event, the Photographer cannot guarantee anything and therefore cannot be held responsible for weather, uncooperative subjects, schedule complications by another party, lost photo opportunities due to lateness of clients, flash or technical problems. The photographer cannot be held responsible for restrictions of locations photo shoots occur at or subjects who refuse to cooperate for pictures. The photographer will du their best to fulfill all requisitions but cannot make any guarantees. It is only human that things do not go as planned or turn out. If clients are willing to arrive in their best mood, cooperate with the photographer, trust the photographer, and communicate clearly their wants, the session will have the best chance of turning out well. In worst case scenario, the photographer cannot be held responsible for lost images due to camera malfunction, fire, flood, theft, etc though the photographer will do their best to accommodate the client and redo the session. If for any reason the session is not redo-able, all funds will be returned.

Party Group

Please do not bring any unnecessary people to your shoot as it can be a distraction and space may be limited. On the other hand, it can be helpful to have a friend or family member help when small children will be in the pictures and an extra hand would be a help rather than a distraction.


All digital files and products purchased shall remain with the photographer until everything is paid in full. ALL photos even purchased ones are copyrighted and are the photographer’s work of art. It is Illegal to copy, scan, reproduce, or post photos on online site (including social networks such as Facebook) without permission or applying the photographers name near the image or leaving a watermark.

When purchasing digital copies a release to make personal purchases using the images will be included. Even after purchased anything that is not used for personal use in the home/office must have the photographers watermark or name tagged to, such as in Facebook.

Creative License

All images are edited at the Photographers discretion. It will be discussed what kind go style the client wants prior to their session and arrangements made to the best of the Photographers abilities’. The photographer reserves the creative rights to edit and release only those images deemed creditable in the eyes of the photographer, or within the Photographer’s artistic standards.


The Photographer cannot be held responsible to damage garments, props, or other items the clients brings. If needed the client is responsible to arrange personal assistants with garments such as wedding dresses.

Returned Checks

All returned checks are subject to a $50 returned check fee due to the inconvenience for the Photographer and must be paid along with the retainer fee in Cash before the book session is final.


All sessions packages agreed on will be left to the photographer to decide the final images that the client will receive unless the photographer sees more fit that the client choose. If images are posted online for choosing and purchasing. 7 days will be given before the gallery is closed and then a $50 reopening fee will be applied. This is to ensure that the photographer does not get behind on editing time and a smooth transaction for the client.

Most general sessions take up to 2 weeks of editing after photography has been captured. In some cases if the photographer needs more time, the client will be notified. The photographer cannot guarantee to deliver the images in a certain amount of time but will do her best to do so within the 2 week range. Birth, Wedding, and Videography take longer and are not included in the 2 week time frame.

Sign and Agree

If you the client agrees and has read all the above, please state so by Clicking on Contact Me on the menu.

State that you (your full name) agrees to the online agreement, and include your session type, date and time to reserve and today’s date.

One sent please send retainer fee for booking your session.

Once the photographer has emailed back that they have received your email and payment has cleared your session will be booked.

At anytime a printed copy of this agreement can be requested.

Thanks for you understanding and cooperation,